About Us

Sedim Nyaman Venture is a new establishment in year 2017. Our main focus is to manage homestay & resort which is Sedim Vista situated at Sungai Sedim, Mukim Sedim, 09000 Karangan, Kulim, Kedah Darulaman. Besides managing the homestay and resort, we also involve in training (human capital development), transportation and catering for all occasions.

A choice resort for customers managed by an efficient team putting priority to customers’ needs.
Sedim Nyaman Venture will be a valuable member of the community contributing to the lives of the people of Sedim Kulim

Our mission is:
• Provide quality, affordable and comfort in the services provided at our facilities
• Create and cultivate long-term relationship with clients
• Respond immediately to the changing needs of our clients
• Achieve complete customer satisfaction
• Continuous improvement in our services
• Utilize local expertise whenever available and applicate
• Promote greenery and healthy living